Personal loans with extra peace of mind.

Your son needs braces. You get into a fender bender. The water heater breaks down. With our personal loans, you have the peace of mind in knowing you can borrow what you need at a competitive rate.

With a quick and easy application, get going on your home repairs or upgrades sooner rather than later.

  • Put home updates and home renovations on the fast track
  • No appraisal required
  • No collateral required
  • Up to a 15 year (180 month) term
  • Receive funds within 5 business days

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Rate and term will be determined by individual credit worthiness.

Unexpected expenses have a way of popping up at the most inconvenient times. Our Personal Loans give you that extra peace of mind of knowing that you’ll have the money you need when you need it, no matter what life throws at you.

Our Personal Loans feature:

  • Terms up to 3 years
  • Fixed rates at competitive interest rate

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Has an unexpected vet, medical, or auto repair bill snuck up on you? If you’re short on cash, you don’t have to wait until payday. Get the money you need now and build credit at the same time.

Our Smart Start Loans feature:

  • Flexible 90-day repayment terms
  • Competitive rate of 18% APR
  • Loan amounts up to $600
  • A low $20 application charge

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Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rates effective as of 3/1/18. All rates are subject to change without notice. All loan approvals are subject to normal underwriting procedures. Must be a member of Navigant Credit Union and use direct deposit for a minimum of four weeks. Repayment example: $600.00 borrowed based on 18.00% interest over 3 months/90 days; 1st monthly payment: $206.08, 2nd monthly payment: $206.08, 3rd monthly payment: $206.07.

If you’re looking to build your credit or you need to make a necessary purchase but don’t want to dip into your savings, a Shared Secured Loan is a great option. With a Shared Secured Loan, you borrow against your Navigant Credit Union savings account or certificate and receive a low-rate loan, while still earning interest on the money you have pledged as collateral for the loan.

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Cash Reserve Line of Credit offers the flexibility to meet your financial needs. Borrow what you need and enjoy the security of knowing cash is available for those expected or unexpected expenses that come along.

  • Instant credit decision for line amounts up to $5,000
  • Competitive variable interest rate
  • Alternative to carrying costly credit card balances
  • No collateral required
  • No cash advance or balance transfer fees
  • Low annual fee of $15

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Annual Percentage Rate (APR). Rates subject to change at any time without notice. Rate will be determined by individual credit worthiness.