The Past

The seeds from which our friendly neighborhood Credit Union eventually grew were planted 100 years ago by a group of French-Canadian immigrants who made their modest livings working in the mills of Central Falls. These newly christened Rhode Islanders, like the thousands of other immigrants of the time, envisioned living the “American Dream.” They wanted to create a new life for their families. They wanted to own homes. They wanted to watch their children and grandchildren grow up in their own backyards. When they struggled to find local banks to approve their loan requests, the group banded together and pooled what income they could to launch what was then called La Credit Union de Notre Dame de Central Falls. Despite the long name, word of the new community Credit Union spread throughout the neighborhoods. The message was clear: As long as you had “good moral character,” the folks at the neighborhood credit union in the basement of Notre Dame Parish would happily help you make your dreams a reality. Seventeen U.S. presidents, two name changes, 13 new branches and $1.5 billion in assets later, this philosophy remains unchanged. Our organization was built on trust, hard work and a commitment to community involvement, and we continue to grow based on those same values.

Our Birthday Week

Stop by and celebrate

100 Scholarships!

We believe in assisting our future generations

WaterFire Providence

Proud sponsor of July 18th's WaterFire


Branch Celebrations

One week every month for the remainder of the year, all branches will celebrate Navigant Credit Union’s 100th anniversary. Beginning in April, stop by any branch location for some refreshments and great giveaways. Meet the staff and learn why we have been successful for 100 years and what distinguishes us from other institutions. Our first celebratory week is March 30th through April 4th. You may check back here for the dates of our future branch celebrations.

Dates for branch celebrations

  • Oct 5th
  • Nov 2nd
  • Nov 30th



In recognition of Navigant Credit Union’s commitment to the community we are awarded 100, $1,000 scholarships to area high school seniors.  We believe in assisting our future generations who will someday give back to our communities. 


Thank you to all who enjoyed our WaterFire event on July 18th.  The weather was just about perfect and the atmosphere electric.  For infomration on WaterFire, click here to be directed to their website.

The Next 100

The next chapter of Navigant Credit Union’s story starts right now, and we plan on making it count. Our focus is on the future as we continue to provide excellent member service and prudent financial advice, and offer innovative products and services as we always have. The mission of giving back to our communities will live on. Stability, opportunity, joy and a future; this is what we will share together in The Next 100.

Best Places to Work

Navigant Credit Union was chosen by its employees as the #1 Best Place to work in Rhode Island in the large employer category. The annual survey of employees conducted by the Providence Business News rates employers on employee benefits and programs available to employees. This is the fifth year Navigant Credit Union has been selected as a best place to work and this year reached the top of the category.

The Hearthside

The Hearthside in Lincoln, RI is a historic jewel in the Blackstone Valley. The house, with its museum like quality shows how life was at the turn of the 20th century. A group of passionate members of the community dedicated to preserving the history of Lincoln has been raising funds to preserve this historic landmark by hosting several events throughout the year. This year they will celebrate the 1904 World’s Fair on the grounds of the Hearthside. Navigant Credit Union has made a $5,000 grant to the organization to help it carry on the important mission of preserving our past.

Community Involvement

Our president and CEO, Gary Furtado, joined Mayor James DiOssa, town officials and students from the City of Central Falls to plant trees in the city. This partnership with the Situate School Department is designed to give the students an opportunity to learn about the importance of having green spaces in a city like Central Falls.